Vanessa Perez, Tech Integration & Library

I’m pumped for 2017 and ready to touch base face to face with all my awesome teachers in the next few weeks. This year, I’m also serving Library Media Specialist and look forward to working with you as an instructional partner. We’ve got a lot of innovative ideas and planning going on, but please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have even more inspiration:

E-mail: vanessa.perez@cpsreds.org
Twitter: @vperezy
Face to face: vanessaperez.youcanbook.me

I am a former middle school computer teacher (Digital Literacy, Web Design, and Multimedia) with a lot of passion. Here are some areas that are close to my heart:

  • Student choice, especially through flexible seating, authentic tasks, and project-based learning
  • Grading by standard, portfolio, or performance
  • Visual Thinking (to better understand student thought processes and decision-making)
  • Soft skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Helping students find the path that is right for them (not necessarily 4-year college right after high school graduation)
  • The use of technology as it makes sense in pursuit of learning – not just for it’s own sake

Vanessa Perez

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