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Internet Resources for Research & Creation

Image that corresponds to Grammarly

Grammarly makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free.

CHS Library Catalog / Webpath Express
Image that corresponds to CHS Library Catalog / Webpath Express

You can use Webpath Express to find credible internet sources through the school library catalog.

Webpath Express Tutorial
Image that corresponds to Webpath Express Tutorial

Mrs. Hough explains how to use Webpath Express through the CHS website.

Image that corresponds to EBSCO

Research portal including Explora, EBSCOhost, and the Student Research Center. Students do not need to login from school. To access the page outside of school, use the username clintonhigh and the password is password.

Google Scholar
Image that corresponds to Google Scholar

The Google search engine for academic publications, including peer-reviewed articles.

Search Tips & Boolean Operators
Image that corresponds to Search Tips & Boolean Operators

Tips to help you research like a pro, including explanations of Boolean operators

Wolfram Alpha
Image that corresponds to Wolfram Alpha

Computational knowledge engine (vs search engine) that only answers factual queries, as opposed to listing relevant external websites. If you create a free accont, you can download information as well as access your history and save favorites.

Adobe Slate
Image that corresponds to Adobe Slate

Beautiful story creation tool with dynamic images and text. You will need to sign up for a free Adobe account.

Adobe Spark
Image that corresponds to Adobe Spark

Create a short story with images, clip art, and text. You may also add narration. This easy to use app is available on web browsers (Chromebooks, yay!) and iOS devices. It has been downloaded to the Makerspace iPads.

Image that corresponds to Canva

Graphic design program – really great for print and digital. You can login with your school Google account. If you get a 403 Forbidden error at school, just press the regular sign in and not the sign in with Google but use your school information anyway. Be careful because anything with a $ will ask you to pay before you can save or download.

Image that corresponds to eMaze

Presentation that can use audio, video, animated GIFs, and more. You will need to sign up for a free account. You can upload your PowerPoints and add effects.

Haiku Deck
Image that corresponds to Haiku Deck

Sign up for Haiku Deck Basic, the web app to create beautiful slideshows from templates.

Image that corresponds to Pixabay

A good place to get high quality images and video, free of copyright. You can use without an account or sign up with a Google account.

Image that corresponds to PicMonkey

Free and easy online photo editor. You can apply effects, make collages, and more. I would not recommend making an account, but just use the free features.

Image that corresponds to Powtoon

Create animated videos using stock art or upload your own. You may sign up for a free edu account using your school Google login. You can add narration, upload sound, or use audio from Powtoon.

Image that corresponds to WeVideo

Free video editor. You can sign in with your school Google account. Be careful because you can only publish a limited amount of minutes with the free version so do not publish until you are sure you are done.