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CHS Teacher Technology


General Information

Vanessa Perez has gathered resource for continuous learning (Zoom, Google Classroom) on a Google Classroom. All teachers have been invited to join the class. Please click here to access. If you need additional training, please contact Vanessa Perez directly.

At this time, there are no more hot spots available.

Here is a map of available public Clinton wifi locations. Please remain in your vehicle and practice proper social distancing as recommended by the CDC.


Please create a work ticket as usual by writing an email to

All teachers and the secretaries will have editing rights to the announcements; teachers may add announcements as needed. It's an important part of keeping students up to date on events, fundraisers, etc. Please also remove your slides when they are irrelevant. These are the announcements shown on the screens around campus. If you would like an announcement read aloud during Advisory, please contact Mrs. Hilterbran.


  • Clever is the district’s single-sign-on portal. Students and teachers use their Google login-ins.
  • Teachers can customize their teacher pages. (video tutorial)



Support Website:

District-adopted online curriculum. Our district benchmarks are tied to this scope and sequence; you are encouraged to use it in case of absences.

​District Login: csd99
Username: first.last (example: vanessa.perez)
Password: 1234, you will be forced to change it when you login
If you forget your login or need help, contact

How to check a student’s detailed progress?

  1. Go to Courseware
  2. Go to Manage Students
  3. Click on the magnifying glass
  4. A box will appear to the right, enter the student’s name there to search.

Click on the magnifying glass and type the student's name in.

*You can click on the week to see more details.

Facility of Guest Speak Tech Request Form link


If you are using a CHS facility (e.g. Practice Gym) or have a guest speaker needing to use tech, please use this form to create a high priority ticket so that IT can ensure it runs smoothly. As much advance notice as possible is appreciated, especially if a specific program or audiovisual component is needed.

(Do not use this form for normal work orders.)

Teachers must complete GCN training by October 1. If you were not given a user ID or have forgotten it, first click on the red link saying that at the bottom. If that does not work, contact for help.



Google Classroom can be used to create a classroom hub for news and assignments. It works seamlessly with Google Apps for Education like Docs and Slides.

All teachers should have access to the CHS Announcements class on Google Classroom. Please email Ms. Perez if you do not have access.

Please email with as much detail as you can give. The request will automatically be sent to all 3 members of our site’s technology staff and be assigned accordingly. Please do not email technology staff individually as it will result in duplicate tickets. If the ticket involves broken equipment, please leave it clearly marked in your room. Thank you


Our district gradebook and Student Information System. The FAQ ( is maintained by Debbie Carlisle and Michelle Hilterbran.

If you have issues with Infinite Campus, contact

CPS E-Rate Training Using Nearpod + Common Sense Media


  • Go to and login through Google.

  • On the left, click on Clinton HS. Choose the purple folder marked “E-rate”. All lessons are inside the folder. Click on “Add to My Library” and select “Live Lesson” to begin the session.

  • The teacher controls the pace of the lesson. You may choose if and what responses to share.

  • Once you start the session, you can see the percentage and names of participants. In order to pace your advisory, you may decide not to wait for 100% participation on the open-ended questions and collaboration activities. However, please require 100% participation on the quizzes at the end.

  • Sessions can be saved and continued during the next advisory period.

  • What to review:



  • On a Chromebook, go straight to Nearpod will only work in the app on cell phones.

  • Students plug in the code at the top of the screen. The code is tied to you, the teacher. Students who join class late may enter the code at any time.

  • Please make sure students enter their first and last name.

  • Students will always be prompted to reply to questions if they attempt to skip answering.

  • Students will not be able to move onto the next part of the lesson. The teacher controls the pace.



Sign and complete the teacher verification document given out at the teacher’s meeting. Return to Ms. Perez’s mailbox in the teacher’s lounge. (Please do not hand her paper; she can’t guarantee its safety.)


Benchmark and Assessments Software. You must first activate your account to use; check your email for the invitation from Mastery Connect.

Teacher Item Authoring Guide

If you forget your login or need help, contact

I can provide PD on several topics including Chromebooks, iPads, makerspace, and tech integration. You may contact Vanessa Perez for more personalized training at

Video Tutorials:

Using Nearpod for CPS E-Rate Training

How to Customize Your Clever Teacher Page

Using Locked Mode in Google Forms



Request any and all professional development leave (out of district). Pick submission type: Request to attend PD. Have costs, dates, and alignment to Clinton Public Schools District Strategic Plan goals ready.


The district provides for any teacher who wishes to use the service. It can be linked to your website to share your lesson plans. Please email to create your account.

This list of paid programs is current to the best of my ability.

Nearpod, student-engagement platform: Login with Google.
Quizlet, learning tools & flashcards: Please contact Vanessa Perez for an account.
Seesaw, digital portfolio site: Login with Google.
Ebscohost, research database: You may login without credentials on the school network through the CHS Library. The login for away use will be emailed to you by request.

Radar Room Request Form: Link

Radar Room Availability Calendar: Link

The Radar Room is a high tech, innovative space recommended for distance learning, virtual experiences, webinars, guest speakers, and using technology in groups (Perez is available to help model new tech, classroom management with tech, etc)

If the room has not been otherwise reserved 24 hours in advance, it will be open as a quiet student study & collaboration area. On Tuesdays and Thursday from 8am-12pm, it is reserved for Concurrent Students.

  • 30 Ergotron LearnFit Sit-Stand Desks (link)

    • Mobile, height-adjustable desks & seats for students

  • Audio system with handheld and lapel mics

  • 5 Centers:

    • 4K Smart TV

    • Chromebox

    • 6 Logitech Video Conference cameras

      • 2 Logitech Meetup web cameras (link)

        • Can be used to record presenters

      • 4 Logitech 270 web cameras (link)

    • Clone or use separately

  • Food and drink are allowed in the Radar Room. Please be respectful. Leave the space better than you found it.


District web services are provided by Gabbart. Teachers maintain their own micro-sites. 

Training Slides

Login: Go to and scroll to the bottom right. Select “Login with Google”; you can not login at the district level. 


  • ​Welcome page: This is a good place to link your lesson plans. You must link your lesson plans, whether it be to Planbook, Google Apps, pdf, etc. 
  • Photo Album: You do not need to add personal photos. Check with your IT Site Tech for parent media permission before posting student photos. 
  • Profile: You can link your contact information (at least email) and plan times here. Recommend you list degrees and certifications. 
  • Daily Schedule
  • Educational Websites: Links to relevant sites, these can be added early and published later. Recommend you check that links still work if added in advance.