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Unit 2 - Greece

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Greek God or Goddess Powerpoint Project


You and your partner will spend time in class and completing homework to learn as much as you possibly can about your Greek God or Goddess. You will also need to read and summarize the myths that feature him or her. In your powerpoint, make sure to include pictures and animations.

Research Components for your God or Goddess PowerPoint Presentation

DIRECTIONS: Research and create a powerpoint on the 9 components listed below.

1. Name - Both Greek and Roman

2. Physical appearance

3. Area or domain of influence (god of music, goddess of the family and home, god of war, love, etc..)

4. Strengths or talents (he can control the weather, she can fly, he can manipulate a man’s dreams)

5. Personality traits and flaws (falls in love with everyone, becomes easily jealous, has a bad temper)

6. Symbols or objects that he or she is seen with or that fits his or her traits (trident, lightning bolt)

7. Relationships to other gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters. Who are his or her family members? (father or mother of ____, daughter or son to __)

8. Who are your god’s or goddess’ enemies? Who do they punish or become angered by?

9. Who are your god’s or goddess’ allies and friends? Who do they help? Who are they seen with in myths?

Assignments and Due Dates:

Wednesday and Thursday - 9/12/18- class time - research

Friday -9/14/18- class time - Finish powerpoint


Monday - class time - you and your partner will give a powerpoint presentation in class over your god or goddess research.


Resources to use:

1. Websites listed below and on my web page located on the teacher portion of the school website.


- click on available articles and use the alphabetized list

- links on the left have “mythology” “Heroes”








Choose from this list... IF you know of another that you want to do, just ask! There are literally hundreds to choose from

Zeus – sky 

Hera – marriage 

Poseidon – sea

Demeter – agriculgure 

Ares – war 

Athena – wisdom 

Apollo – archary, music poetry 

Artemis – moon 

Hephaestus – blacksmiths

Aphrodite- love 

Hermes- roadways, travel

Dionysus- wine and pleasure

Hades – underworld 

Hypnos – sleep 

Nike – victory 

Janus – new beginnings 

Nemesis – revenge 

Iris – rainbow

Hecate  – magic

Tyche – luck 






















SAS Curriculum Link – Does Athens have the right to take over the island of Melos?

Lesson one – Minoans and Mycenaean Civilization PowerPoint


Growth of Greek City-States

Classic Greece – Battles
Hellenistic Age

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