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Testing Information

State testing for juniors will be in April and are required for high school graduation. The ACT with writing will be given on Wednesday April 5, the CCRA science test will be given on Wednesday April 12, and the CCRA US History test will be given on Thursday April 13. All juniors will need to be at their testing locations by 8:05 am. Please eat breakfast at school or at home prior to 8:05. Testing locations will be emailed to all juniors prior to testing dates. 


ACT: There are good resources such as an overview of the ACT test and what to expect on test day, as well as a full length practice ACT test, answers and scoring key for each test section, a breakdown of the content covered in each test section, general test-taking strategies, and ways to approach each section of the ACT at . On test day: Eat breakfast, bring 2 pencils, and your student ID. We will provide a calculator for you. However, if you would prefer to use your own calculator, please look at the attachment for ACT approved and prohibited calculators to make sure your calculator is on the approved calculator list. I am also attaching the Preparing for the ACT Test 2022-2023 which includes a full length practice ACT test and test strategies. Remember, there are some non-test information ACT asks for which is optional and requires consent from your parent/guardian such as college and career interests, student profile, high school courses/grades, etc. which provides ACT and colleges information for scholarships, as well as the option to choose 4 colleges to send your ACT score to for free. A parent/guardian will need to mark yes and sign the consent form and bring to Mrs. Higbee or their English teacher by March 24. Again, this will allow you to choose 4 colleges to send these ACT scores to for free. Otherwise, you will have to pay to have them sent through ACT. Please remember, you must take the ACT with writing on April 5 regardless of marking yes or no or not turning in the parent/guardian consent form as it is a requirement for graduation along with taking the science and US history tests. I am attaching the form and you can also pick one up from your English teacher or with Mrs. Higbee. The consent form needs to be returned by March 24, then you will be given instructions and your individual ACT code prior to testing in order to complete the information.


CCRA Science and US History tests:  I am attaching the Parent/Student/TeacherGuide (PSTG) for students and parents. Practice tests can be found with the following link: