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Infinite Campus Teacher FAQ

General Information

A few of you have had students use the to receive assistance with their Infinite Campus login.  Thank you.  This allows us to assist them and also track the issues facing you and our students better.  I do ask a few favors of you.  

1. If you have a student submit a helpdesk ticket for Infinite Campus, have them use their school email account.  That is the one that should be associated with their IC account.

2.  Have them cc you in the email.  This will help them in the long run.  A few of them have requested help, but do not read the followup email with the instructions.  If you have them cc you, you will also get the followup email to reference and eliminate any excuses they might try to use.

3.  Please have them include their name and what they are having trouble with as part of the email body.  There are a few that don't put their name in the email and some of them names do not show up as part of their email address.  This adds a few extra steps when we try to assist them because we need to look up their name before we are able to work on their problem.

Via Mr. Bengs, IT Director

You may use one of the links below to download the app from the Google or Apple store.

Link to Google play store to download Infinite Campus mobile app Link to Apple App store to download Infinite Campus mobile app

  1. At the top right hand corner, to to the Rubik’s Cube
  2. Click on Instruction
  3. Under Instruction, Click Roster
  4. Choose the Section you want to view
  1. Under Instruction Click Drop Down
  2. Campus Tools
  3. Search Tab
  4. Type in Student’s last name (can only search your students)
  5. To the Right, you will see basic information
  6. To the Left: Click on the RED student name
  7. Then Click on Index, and it will give any information you need. (grades, schedule, attendance, etc)
  1. Go to Reports
  2. Choose Blank Spreadsheet
  3. You can give it a title, choose number of columns, and orientation
  4. Generate Report (Top Left)
  5. You will see preview before you print
  6. Print from Preview
  1. Go to the Rubik's Cube at the top Right hand corner.
  2. Click on instruction
  3. Go to GradeBook
  4. Click Blue Settings in upper left
  5. Click on Categories
  6. Click ADD
  7. Under Name type the different types of assignments you want (test, homework, participation, project, etc)
  8. For each one, MAKE SURE you click on the section that has that assignment category.
  9. If you click SECTION at the top, it will go to all your classes.

Total Points or Weighted Categories

  1. Click on the Blue Settings to Close Settings

To post a grade for students who have been moved out of your class,

please do the following:


In Infinite Campus

Click on Account Settings (top right)

Click OFF "Show only active students"



To Grade Book

Be sure you are in Q2

Go to the class section the student was in

The student should now be visible.

Write down (or remember) the student's final score.

Click on the orange/red POST button at the top of the In Progress grades

All your other grades should post, but not for student's who have been removed.


Go to Post Grades (left drop down menu)

Find the student and manually type in the number grade and letter grade.



Please make sure the removed student is visible in your printed grades. You may need to reprint your section summary.

You can create Categories of assignments and weigh them with percentages equaling 100%. 

The “Weighted Categories” option under Calculate Grades is restricted to admin approval because it has to be determined by class. For example, if one geometry class wants to weight their grades, all the geometry classes have to weight their grades. 



  1. Beside Term: ALWAYS BE IN Q2
  2. Choose your Section to put assignment
  3. Task: Drop Down to Semester Grade
  4. Under Term
  5. Click Add
  6. Type in the Assignment Name
  7. Make an Abbreviation (Makes it smaller in GB--so maybe CH1)
  8. Choose Assignment Assigned Date, Due Date
  9. Type 1 under Sequence (so it goes by Due Date)
  10. If you want in more than one class, click ADD or REMOVE and ADD those classes
  11. Click OK
  12. Select Category
  13. Go to Standard/Grading Task
  14. Drop down and click Semester Grade
  15. Type in Total Points for that Assignment (100)
  16. Multiplier is how many times you want it to count.(1)
  17. Click SAVE
  19. Click on Grade Tools to get rid of Posted and In Progress columns

If your assignments are out of order in Infinite Campus, here is the fix!

Go to the page where you type in your grades


At the top, left-hand side, click Sort.

Then choose Sort By: SEQUENCE

Close this screen. 

Your grades should be in date order.

You will have to do this for each class

Click on the little Expand Arrow

T= Turned In

M=Missing  (0 if you add this grade)



CH=Cheated--Automatic 0


DR=Dropped Grade

Click on Fill scores/Comments

Click on GT1: Semester Grade

Type in grade you want for students  or comment you want for assignment

Select Students:

Choose: All, Empty or Present and Empty

Click Fill

  1. Click on the Assignment
  2. Click Delete
  3. Click OK


Just in case students ask for a printout of their grades and you grade on a point system.... here's a tip to make it easier for them to understand:  

**********make sure the "percent" box is checked when printing out their form.  



    --Student Summary

           --Page Printing Options

                  --Show Assignment Details (third option down)


                              ---Create Report

How to print a student grade report


  1. Under Instruction Click Drop Down
  2. Campus Tools
  3. Index Tab
  4. Type in subject of question

Debbie Carlisle and Michelle Hilterbran contributed answers to your questions. Pay them in kindness or coffee.