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Sherrie Johnson


                           Welcome to Mrs. Johnson's

           Family and Consumer Science



  Sherrie Johnson             



Sherrie Johnson's Class

Great things Happening in FACS Ed!

 Sherrie Johnson 1st Oklahoma Winner for

Farmers Insurance $100,000 Grant to renovate 

Clinton High School’s FACS Ed Foods Lab.

1 of 5 National $100,000 winners for 2017


Image result for picture of trent loos

Agriculture Radio Broadcaster Trent Loos

interviewed Sherrie Johnson on his talk show 

broadcast in 7 states aired Dec. 14 about how 

she integrated agriculture in the classroom and

how she will renovate the foods lab.

*Upcoming article by the OK State Dept. of 

Agriculture and on their Social Media about

Ag in the Classroom

*High Plains Journal – 2 nice ½ page articles

about the $100,000 grant circulating from Texas

to North Dakota and other Central US states.

Trent Loos

December 14 at 1:40pm · 

Just image if we had "FACS" (Home Ec) teacher who was very passionate about agriculture, oh wait you don't have to image her name is Sherrie Johnson and Clinton High has recently been awarded $100,000 for her efforts. Today on Rural Route Radio you will feel, hear and love the passion she has.






FCCLA Happenings

Upcoming FCCLA  Events

Aug. Back to school Event for members and newbies 

Sept. Tailgate party with Woodward FCCLA  

12th LEAD meeting for CHS FCCLA officers in Lawton

District Leadership Mtg. Altus

Oct.  Fall activity TBD

Nov. Thanksgiving Dinner

Dec. Mystery Christmas Dinner

Jan. Trip to YMCA 

Feb. Regional STAR Events 

Volunteer Opportunity at Regional

Food  Bank OKC

Nat’l FCCLA Week

March State FCCLA STAR Events in Stillwater

April State FCCLA Leadership Conference OKC


June: District Officer Camp @ Tulakoggee

July: National Leadership Conf. and  Competition

Washington, DC






Graycianne Bennett

2019 Silver Metalist- Interior Design Scenario

Anaheim, CA

Graycianne Bennett

2018 1st Place Interior Design Test

Louisville, KY

*Marley Mahanay

2017 2nd Place Fashion Sketch


*Nieva Long

2016 Silver Medalist

Recycle & Redesign Jr.

San Diego, CA

*Kennedy McKeaigg

2014  Silver Medalist

Interior Design

San Antonio

*Angela Heard

2013 Silver Medalist

Sr. Entrepreneurship 

Nashville, TN

*Jonathan Trevino

2012  Gold Medalist

Jr. Recycle & Redesign

Orlando, FL

WHO WILL BE THE 2019-2020






No Kid Hungry


CHS FCCLA members volunteer

at Rock n' Box Regional Food Bank.

This school year marks the 6th year

CHS FCCLA  has facilitated an

Oklahoma Regional Food Bank

sponsored FoodPantry located in

our high school! We were one of the

first 40 schools in the state to

be qualified to have an "in-school"

pantry.Over 20,000 pounds of food

has beendistributed to our students

in grade s9-1 2 and their families in a

5-6 year period. In 2014 over 142

students obtained food from our pantry.

 Besides ordering, stocking and

distributing food, our FCCLA members

volunteer each year  at Oklahoma's

Regional Food Bank as our way of

saying thank you and for helping us

"Pay it Forward" to those children

and teens who are hungry.  

Our  Pantry would not be possible

without the help of Marran Tisdal.

Thanks Marian for your dedication &

support of our CHS FCCLA run food


Need Food?

See Mrs. Johnson

if you need to go shopping!


Remember: Who you are,

really makes a difference!smiley